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Typical Exam Questions

Topics include kinematics, dynamics, momentum and energy for linear and rotational motion; elementary kinetic theory and thermodynamics; static and current electricity; waves and physical and geometrical optics; linear, rotational and oscillatory motion; newtonian mechanics; gravitation; electrostatics; magnetostatics; electric current and induction; heat; geometrical and physical optics and sound. About 1500 slides and hundreds of practice questions and answers are available.

The course and tutoring sessions are designed to help undergraduate students who are taking first year university Physics courses.
The tutoring sessions are designed to help undergraduate students who are taking the Physics courses in the first year such as PHYS1010, PHYS1070, PHYS1410 at York University, PHY100H1, PHY101H1, PHY131H1, PHY132H1, PHY151H1 at the University of Toronto, 1B03, 1L03, 1P03 at McMaster University.
For convenience of most students in Ontario we choose following textbooks for this course. However, our teaching/tutoring sessions do not limit to this textbooks. Any textbooks designed for the similar level of undergraduate students can be used in this course.                  

Part 1 Mechanics

1.   Physics and Measurement
2.   Motion in One Dimension
3.   Vectors
4.   Motion in Two Dimensions
5.   The Law of Motion
6.   Circular Motion and Other Applications of
      Newton’s Laws
7.   Energy and Energy Transfer
8.   Potential Energy
9.   Linear Momentum and Collisions
10. Rotation of a Rigid Object About a Fixed Axis
11. Angular Momentum
12. Static Equilibrium and Elasticity
13. Universal Gravitation
14. Fluid Mechanics

Part 2 Oscillations and Mechanical Waves

15.  Oscillatory Motion
16.   Wave Motion
17.   Sound Waves
18.   Superposition and Standing Waves

Part 3 Thermodynamics

19.  Temperature
20.   Heat and the First Law of 
21.  The Kinetic Theory of Gases
22.  Heat Engines, Entropy, and the Second   
       Law of Thermodynamics

Part 4 Electricity and Magnetism

23. Electric Fields
24. Gauss's Law
25. Electric Potential
26. Capacitance and Dielectrics
27 Current and Resistance
28. Direct Current Circuits
29. Magnetic Fields
30. Sources of the Magnetic Fields
31. Faraday's Law
32. Inductance
33. Alternating Current Circuits
34. Electromagnetic Waves

Part 5 Light and Optics

35.  The Nature of Light and Laws of Geometric
36.   Image Formation
37.   Interference of Light Waves
38.   Diffraction Patterns and

Part 6 Modern Physics

39.    Relativity

Brief Contents of Physics