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1.   Matter – Its Properties and Measurement
2.   Atoms and the Atomic Theory
3.   Chemical Compounds
4.   Chemical Reactions
5.   Introduction to Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
6.   Gasses
7.  Thermochemistry
8.   Electrons in Atoms
9.  The periodic Table and Some Atomic Properties
10. Chemical Bonding I: Basic Concepts
11. Chemical Bonding II: Additional Aspects
12. Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces
13. Solutions and Their Physical Properties
14. Chemical Kinetics


15. Principles of Chemical Equilibrium
16. Acids and Bases
17. Additional Aspects of Acid-Base Equilibria
18. Solubility and Complex-Ion Equilibria
19. Spontaneous Change: Entropy and Free Energy
20. Electrochemistry
21. Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements I: 
      Groups 1,2, 13, and 14
22. Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements II: 
       Groups 18, 17, 16, 15, and Hydrogen
23. The Transition Elements
24. Complex Ions and Coordination Compounds
25. Nuclear Chemistry
26. Organic Chemistry
27. Chemistry of the Living State

The instructing sessions are designed to help undergraduate students who are taking first year university general chemistry courses such as CHEM 1500, CHEM 1000, CHEM1001 at York University, CHM151Y at the University of Toronto or 1A03, 1AA3, 1E03, 2E03, 2LA3, 2LB3 at McMaster University, etc. The topics include matter, atomic and molecular structure, thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, acids and bases, equilibrium, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry, etc. For convenience of most students in Ontario we choose Professor Petrucci's General Chemistry as the textbook for this course since it is used in most Ontario universities such as York University and University of McMaster. However, our instructing/tutoring sessions do not limit to this textbook. Any textbooks designed for the first year undergraduate students can be used in this course.

Brief Contents

Organic chemicals make up your hair, your skin, even your fingernails. All life as we know is made up of organic compounds. We can say that organic chemistry defines life, and is a key to the codes of life. This is the simple reason that we have to learn chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry very well in order to become health care professionals such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists and optometrists. However, to understand Organic Chemistry we have to start from General Chemistry, in which we will learn structures and properties of atoms and molecules, and understand how molecules are formed from atoms. With the basic knowledge of chemistry summarized typically in the periodic table, students will be able to expand their knowledge of chemistry easily. For example, if you understand the electronic configuration of the carbon atom, you will understand that it is due to the versatility of the carbon atom millions of different organic molecules can be formed with different chemical and physical properties.

In order to help students understand scientific principles and solve problems in their homework, we have designed large number of Study Slides for the university courses of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics, High School courses of Chemistry and Physics and corresponding tests such as SAT, AP and IB Chemistry, and preparation of the admission tests for the health professions such as MCAT, DAT, OAT and PCAT. The critical information of all topics have been summarized in the slides so that students can use them to study and review the materials. The slides include clear explanation of the topics, home work questions and question/solution examples.

We have prepared three diffreent web pages to cover the university courses of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics, respectively. Each lists all topics in the Table of Contents which can be covered in the instructing session if required by students' actual courses based on the course Syllabus from different university. The programs available in MPC Education Center in instructing these subjects include Lecturing Session, Q&A Session, Review Session, Homework Help (Assignment, Project,Lab Experiment Preview,etc.), Lab Report, Mock Tests, etc. Many students from universities in Ontario such as University of Toronto, York University, McMaster University, and University of Western Ontario found that the programs provided in MPC Education Centre are very helpful in overcoming the difficulties and improving their grades significantly in their studies.