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Dr. Ma is one of the best science tutors I have worked with. His patience and love of teaching are unparalleled and he would spend hours and hours helping me learn the material. I am currently a junior at Harvard College and Dr. Ma tutored me in organic chemistry and Physics when I returned to Toronto for Canadian and American Thanksgiving. What I liked most about Dr. Ma's teaching was his efficiency. He understood what I needed help with and we used our time together very effectively. I loved how he was incredibly smart, yet still able to simplify ideas and present them in a way that was easy to learn. I am now continuing on with organic chemistry and will absolutely use his help again this coming semester!
Laura G., a 2nd year student of Harvard University, U.S.A

Dr. George Ma 's private tutoring stands apart from other mainstream and commercial tutoring programs because he isolates an individual's weaknesses and tailors a insightful review and test-taking strategy that conforms to an individual's needs. Dr. George Ma was able to quickly understand and dissect my thought process in order to explain concepts with exceptional detail in an incredibly patient and professional manner. He is quick to pinpoint ones weaknesses and, in many cases, turn them into strengths. Thank you for all the time and effort you have devoted in helping me excel and build a strong and extremely ambitious path for my future.

- Year 2012, Irena P., 3rd year University of Toronto, Life Sciences student

Dr. Ma is an exceptional teacher and very knowledgeable person in many fields in chemistry. His knowledge for organic chemistry, however, is very advanced and can help you with about everything! He teaches with a passion and helped me understand many organic related questions. The techniques and approaches he uses are easy to understand. He is also very efficient at helping you solve the problems, so 6 hours of studying alone is equivalent to 1-2 hours with Dr. Ma. I am truly grateful for his help!
- Year 2012, Aleksandar D., 3rd year University of Toronto, Life Sciences student

Dr. Ma is a very knowledgeable person and he knows almost everything about the ins and outs in chemistry. He can explain the topic at any level you want. His teaching material is also well organized and easy to follow. Finally, his communication in English is excellent. It is truly a great experience to work with him.  
- Chris C., a first year student of six-year Medical Sciences Program at College of Medicine, PennState

Dr. Ma is more than a teacher. He is truly a scientific and educational expert who deals specifically with YOUR problems and weaknesses based on YOUR needs utilizing his broad and deep professional knowledge and extensive experience in teaching and scientific research. He not only instructs full courses very efficiently by using textbooks and his well designed slides, but also demonstrates the passion for teaching, of which most tutors are lack. Dr. Ma also dedicates his time to each student. One anecdote would be the time that I arrived at the tutorial session late, but at the end he was keen to stay for an extra half an hour to make up for the time I missed. After Dr. Ma's tutorials I was able to be accepted into the University of Waterloo's Chemical Engineer program with a Merit Scholarship. In summary, if you want someone to make a difference in your child's academic career, especially to help your child become a competitive student in chemistry, physics and math, and get into a top university, Dr. Ma is the best choice for you.
- Year 2009, Jeffrey T., a first year student majoring in Chemical Engineering at Waterloo University

" I am a second year student at York University. I have been working with Dr. Ma for a year now. He has brought my knowledge and understanding of General and Organic Chemistry, and Physics to a whole new level. Can't thank him enough!"
- Year 2008, Zlata V., a second year student at York University, instructed Chem 1000 & 1001, General Chemistry, Chem 2020, Organic Chemistry

"I have had George as a tutor for Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry. With his help I have achieved very good results in my OATs (the Optometry Admission Test). Dr. Ma has a lot of knowledge and experience in all areas of different courses. He is very helpful as he always tries to understand the problem from the student's perspective, and makes it easy for students to understand the materials. With Dr. Ma’s guidance I have received great improvement not just in scientific knowledge, but also in my learning style and confidence!"
- Year 2009, Khushbu Patel, a third year student at McMater University

"I'm a grade 10 student in Upper Canada College . Because of the special IB program Upper Canada provides, the curriculum I take is actually one year ahead. So, I'm currently learning grade 11 chemistry and physics. This is my 2nd year with Dr. Ma. Last year was my first year in UCC and I had difficulties in science due to the one year gap. Dr. Ma helped me significantly, that my difficulties turned to advantages. As a result, the first term I had a 69, when I had Dr. Ma for the rest of the year, I ended up having a 89. Dr. Ma is a precious tutor to have, who teaches with interests and great techniques."
- Year 2009, Haozheng (Andy), a grade 10 student at Upper Canada College

"It was hard for me to find a qualified tutor to help me with my general chemistry. I was so happy to get Dr. Ma's help. He gave me full instruction and clarified any questions I had in my homework and assignments, and helped me make up any chemistry knowledge I was short of. I got excellent grades finally. Thanks, Dr. Ma. I will definitely come to seek your help if I have any difficulty in other subjects such as organic chemistry."
 - Year 2008, Alice, first year student at York University

"My son went through a difficult period in Grade 11 physics and during that time his grades continued to slide downward from then on. Only a few sessions Dr. Ma helped my son improve significantly. I only wish I had heard about Dr. Ma sooner so that my son's life would have been less complicated. Dr. Ma is professional and very knowledgeable. My son got help from him with chemistry and math as well. His teaching technique is the ultimate. I plan to get his help again when I my son get into university in Toronto."
- Year 2008, Tracey, parent of Michael L., a student at Grade 11

"After receiving a C in organic chemistry, I was really scared of taking the American DAT knowing that there was an organic chemistry component. Then I found Dr. Ma, who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He presented all organic chemistry materials covered on the DAT in a very clear manner. I ended up with a 20 in organic chemistry! This was something I did not believe was possible. Dr. Ma also gave me an excellent review course in general chemistry, and I received a 22, which was a huge improvement from the 18 I received on the Canadian DAT. I was very happy with my results. I could not have done this without Dr. Ma. He genuinely cares about his students and tailors his teaching to the needs of every student. I highly recommend him as a tutor."
- Year 2008, Ula C., prospective dental student

"My daughter was very frustrated in organic chemistry. Luckily I got Dr. Ma's help. Dr. Ma is so patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He provided his professional instruction sessions using slides designed by him for my daughter's needs and helped her with all assignment and practice questions. Only a few months my daughter improved her grade significantly. Most importantly, my daughter has started to enjoy chemistry and is confident with her university study with her goal to medical college. Thank you, Dr. Ma!"
- Year 2009, David, parent of Jennifer T.


When I first began chemistry in Grade 12 (SCH4U), I was not passing. After a few sessions with Dr. Ma, I can see that I have cultivated a strong interest regarding chemistry. Not only is Dr. Ma an exceptional educator, but he is genuinely patient and passionate about educating his students. I have been attending sessions for the past half year, and my chemistry grade has improved significantly, along with my knowledge. I cannot thank Dr. Ma enough for all the hard work he has devoted into enlightening me. I highly recommend Dr. Ma is a mentor for anyone seeking assistance in chemistry related courses, you cannot go wrong.
- Year 2013, Jimmy Y Grade 12 Chemistry Student

Dr. George Ma is very knowledgeable in chemistry, you can learn a lot from his clear instructions as he teaches chemistry very well. I am doing well in my chemistry classes because of Dr. Ma and I am very thankful for that. I recommend him to others, and I will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Ma!
- Year 2012,
Tharanee,  a student at York University, Chem 1000 & 1001, General Chemistry

I was really struggling in my first semester of grade twelve. Aspiring to become a chemical engineer, my course load consisted of English, Chemistry, Calculus and Construction Technology. Construction Technology is a college level course, but the rest were AP (Advanced Placement). At my lowest point, my Calculus mark was at a 69, and Chemistry, 71. I had always achieved decent grades in math (97, 11 AP Functions and 92, Advanced Functions) and science (90, 11 AP Chemistry and 82 11 AP Physics) courses, but grade twelve (for me at least) was an incredible step-up from grade eleven.

The issue many encounter when searching for a tutor for these kind of courses is that few people possess the unique combination of knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to tutor students in these areas. Before attending Dr. Ma, I had already tried two different tutors, one for chemistry and the other for calculus, but neither of them were able to explain the subject matter as clearly as Dr. Ma. I could ask Dr. Ma any question from my textbooks: Zhumdal & Zhumdal (Chemistry) or Calculus by Finney (Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic)) and he was not only able to answer the question, but clearly explain the reasoning behind his answer-all within a few minutes. I never left a session with unanswered questions. Knowledgeable, understanding, patient and sometimes quite funny, Dr. Ma was an incredible tutor and he was the reason behind my turn-around during first semester of grade twelve. I finished first semester with a 90 in Chemistry and an 82 in Calculus and have been accepted into Queen's University for engineering, which is where I plan to attend in the fall.
- Year 2014,
Alexander,  a High School student

George is the greatest help you can ever get in any of the courses that he offers. I had him for three of my courses and i have gotten A+ on two and an A on one of them thanks to George's help. George is a unique tutor with many years of expertise, in which he uses his knowledge to guide his students on the right path efficiently and quickly. Thanks to him, i became passionate in the field of organic chemistry and will (if possible) take upper year courses in the subject. If you are looking for a tutor in the sciences, George is the person to go to.
- Year 2013, Alireza, a student at York University,  Chem 1000 & 1001, General Chemistry, Chem 2020, Organic Chemistry

I been a student of George Ma for about a year and l have to say that he is a great tutor and will work in a way you understand. He understands your weakness and find way to help you understand I have had done chemistry 1000 and 1001 with him and got a great result. Currently l am doing chemistry 2020( york univeristy) organic chemistry with him tutoring me.
-Aryan, a student at York University, Chem 1000 & 1001, General Chemistry (Received A for both courses). Due to his excellent grades at York University, he was accepted to transfer to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) to pursue the 6-year Doctor of Pharmacy program through early assurance.

George is fantastic. He has tutored my son for two years in IB Physics, Chemistry and Math. My son is in Grade 12 and George has made all the difference for him. George first started helping my son with Physics, but then also started tutoring him in Chemistry and Math as well, at my son's request. George is always on time and never cancels. He really cares about how my son is doing and is always very kind and patient. My son's performance in each of the subjects George is tutoring him has improved significantly. We have already told George that we want him to continue tutoring my son in university. He is just the best. We feel lucky to have found him.
-Chris, father of a student at UCC. Year 2014, Jack C., instructed G12 Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vector, G11 & G12 Chemistry and Physics, SAT Chemistry, graduated with excellent grades from High School in 2014. Successfully accepted by UofT and a few top Universities in USA with a high scholarship.

Dr. Ma is an incredible tutor. He has tutored me in general chemistry and organic chemistry and I finished both courses with an A+ because of his lessons. He has incredible knowledge of the material and he helps his students understand it at a complex level. Dr. Ma breaks down the difficult chemistry topics so that his students can easily understand them and he patiently goes through any questions they may have. Overall, Dr. Ma's lessons have greatly surpassed my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tutor.
- Year 2012, Julia G. second year student at York University, Chem 1000 & 1001, General Chemistry, Chem 2020, Organic Chemistry

To be candid, If I could say one bad thing about Dr. Ma, it is that he works far too hard. Having been tutored by him for my 11 and 12 academic years, I have learned that Dr. Ma is always off teaching or working going so far as to even work on major holidays. Yet he is always accommodating and is often more than willing to move his schedule around to be able to see you before a major test or exam, even on short notice. With such a busy schedule, it surprises me that Dr. Ma can be so well prepared for each tutoring session, routinely equipped with a vast arsenal of textbooks spanning multiple disciplines and levels as well as supplementary teaching aides catered to that day's lesson. From the first day I met Dr. Ma, it was clear that he was orders of magnitude more experienced than any of my other teachers, a fact made clear by his ability to seamlessly switch from physics to chemistry to calculus while dispensing the same quality of advanced teaching. I am unsure if I would have gotten into the university of my choice had it not been for Dr. Ma. Dr. Ma is not only commendable for his quality of teaching, but for his dedication as well. One instance that strikes me was on the weekend before my final year 12 exams. It was father's day, and despite having other obligations, Dr Ma agreed to tutor me for 4 hours. I was completely oblivious to it being father's day, and I asked him if he wanted to cut the session short. Dr. Ma however was intent on ensuring that I was prepared for the next day's exam and refused to end the day early. To say that Dr. Ma has a greater interest in my marks than even myself, would be an understatement.

To Dr. Ma: "It was truly a pleasure to have had as good a teacher as you. Applying for the Royal Military College of Canada demanded a good mix of academics, athletics, and leadership. I lack in athletics and leadership so my only true strong point was academics thanks to no small part to you. ------ I would have never imagined my admission into this university. With such a large pool of applicants and such a small rate of admittance, I never would have thought that I would get the opportunity to go to school as an Officer Cadet. But I did, and perhaps I have you to thank for that. Thanks again, your efforts are much appreciated."
Michael C., instructed G12 Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vector, G11 & G12 Chemistry and Physics. Graduated with excellent grades from High School in 2014. Successfully accepted by Royal Military College of Canada.

Dr. Ma has helped me in raising my confidence in Chemistry. He taught me multiple methods in balancing equations that were easier to understand and quicker to use than that taught at school. Dr. Ma also plans the lesson according to the students needs to prepares the student for upcoming assessments. I would recommend him to anyone because of his depth of knowledge in chemistry, his familiarity with the concepts and his teaching techniques.
Yuying F., received the best Chemistry award upon graduation at the Bishop Strachan School. Successfully accepted by McMaster University.

Dr. Ma's enthusiasm and experience in chemistry are two reasons why I was successful in my completion of the IB program's High Level Chemistry subject. His understanding of the subject goes far beyond what is expected, and he uses a variety of resources (his teaching slides, online textbooks) to aid in the explanation of difficult concepts, such as electrochemistry and his specialization, organic chemistry. He created a few practice exams for me, in order for me to get a grasp of the format and types of questions I would face on the IB exam. Finally, when I was finding it difficult to fathom certain ideas, Dr. Ma would always go through an in-depth explanation until I could fully understand and answer questions relating to the subject of focus. Dr. Ma is an amazing tutor, and his ability to even relate to certain theories in chemistry through his own experiences helped me not only to succeed in the subject, but to also understand the values of chemistry.
-Siddhant C., graduated with honours and IB Diploma from High School in 2015. Successfully accepted into the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo