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Teaching Sessions

Amark Academy offers highly specialized, one-on-one or small group teaching sessions  at both high school and university levels to meet the specific needs of our students to reach their highest intellectual potential. The lecturing style is individualized so that the content, instructional technology, and pace of learning are determined based upon the abilities and interest of each learner. More time is spent on explaining the questions that students have difficulty to understand and less or no time on what they have already mastered. This has been proven to be the most efficient in unlocking  students' full potential for study.

Lecturing Sessions: Using professionally designed lecturing slides and other teaching materials all or some of topics of the listed subjects such as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics can be covered in the lecturing sessions. The courses are comparable with the corresponding courses in the Universities or High Schools and are suitable for those students who would like to learn once before taking from day school or to make up any missed or did not understand what they learned in the day school courses. It is also ideal choice for students to go over tha course materials before they take the formal university course so that they can study well to get top grades and GPA's for application for top medical schools later. Homework is also assigned and explained in the course so that students can learn the knowledge and apply it.

Review Sessions: Use the teaching materials we designed for the course we can use minimum time to review the materials so that students can have fresh information on the topics for their tests. For example, topics on aromatic compounds in Organic Chemistry can be reviewed in a 2-hour session, while chapter 6 (Gases) in General Chemistry can also be reviewed in a 2-hour session, depending students's current knowledge level. This is the best for those students who took the course a while ago, but would like to prepare for tests.

Question and Answer Sessions: It is very popular that students have difficulties in completing their assignments, homework or any test preparation questions. Whatever questions students have during their studies, they can book Q&A sessions for solving any questions they have. This is very efficient session. A 2-hour session can usually cover whole week's, even a few weeks' topics they learned, including different subjects. This is also a very efficient program for those students who prepare for the professional tests such as MCAT, PCAT, DAT and OAT.

Homework Help Session: Any homework students received from the courses they take can be covered in these sesssions. This includes assignments, lab experimental preview and plan any projects, etc. It is convenient for students to log onto their university account and work together on the online assignment questions as well.

Lab Report: Experiments are very important for students to learn Chemistry and Physics. We can help students understnad the principles and procedures of the experiments and plan before starting the lab work. After completing the work, we can help students analyze the observations and data collected from the lab work, calculate the uncerties (errors) and give explanation on special issues such as low yields and out-of-trend results, etc. Finally, it is also very important for students to ensure their top grades that we review and make any improvement for the reports they completed.

Mock Test: Based on the course requirements and topics covered in the course, we can design mock tests for mid-term or final exams so that students can have a practice test which is closest to the actual tests. This can be done very well since we have considerable experience and information regarding the courses.