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* YU: York University;
UofT: University of Toronto;
 McM: McMaster University;
: University of Western Ontario



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Amark is committed to helping you realize your dreams of becoming a physician, dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, scientist, or an engineer.  Just like the rock supporting the seagull as it takes off into the sky, Amarm provides academic support to ensure your future success. 
                                                                       Dr. George Ma

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Our Competitive Edge

In traditional schools it is hard for most students to learn effectively from teacher's lectures due to very limited attention paid to each student. We believe that one-on-one instructing is the perfect resource for unlocking students' full potential by giving them the individual attention they deserve. We spend more time on explaining the questions students have and less or no time on what they have already mastered.

Our success lies in our professional knowledge and experience, and unique ability to deliver this to our students through our instructing sessions. By providing high-quality, personalized instructing sessions, we strive to empower our students to achieve academic excellence, excite our students about the learning process and inspire their maximum potential to achieve success.

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  • Providing different teaching sessions, including Lecturing, Questions and Answers, Review, and Homework sessions, to help students with Homework, Projects, Assignment, Tests and Exams.
  • Dr. Ma can design mock exam questions for the mid-term or final exam of your course to help you prepare for it.
  • Have difficulties in university courses of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or Physics? Dr. Ma can help you  immediately.

  • Helping students work on the past examination papers to prepare for exams very efficeintly.
  • You attended the Caplan Review or Princeton Review for MCAT, PCAT, OAT and DAT, but you found that you need more specific help with deeper and broader chemistry and physics knowledge. Dr. Ma can help you efficiently.
  • You are preparing for MCAT, DAT, OAT and PCAT. You have practiced large number of questions, among which lots of questions have difficulty to understand. Dr. Ma can help you.

  • You will conduct a lab experiment soon, but you have difficulty to understand the procedure. Dr. Ma can clarify it for you.
  • Helping analyze the experimental  results, explain observations,  calculate uncertainties and write a report after students complete a chemistry or physics lab experiment.
  • You are a top student, but for some reason you missed certain lessons and need a teacher  to make up for you. Dr. Ma can lecture any part of your chemistry, physics and math coursse for you.

  • You have just found from a quiz or exam that your marks are below the average, you want to improve immediately. Dr. Ma can help you improve quickly.
  • You are going to take Organic Chemistry course soon, but you do not feel confident. Contact us for a pre-study course to secure a top grade.
  • Your child is studying IB program for Chemistry and Physics or preparing AP Chemistry or Physics  test at High School. You are looking for an expert to help your child. Dr. Ma is your right choice.

What Can We Do for You?

High Level: Professional teaching by Dr. Ma for HS Grades 10-12 and University courses.

High Efficiency: Start only two hours a week, Dr. Ma will help you to the best!

Highly Convenient: Learning online by Skype is just like sitting beside Dr. Ma. No travel is required.

High Quality: One-on-One individual tutoring gives you the best results.

Easy Payment: Scan the QR code and payment can be done by Alipay & Wechat easily.

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What Parents and Students Say

Our mission is to provide both high school and university students with high level, high quality and high efficiency support to improve their  learning  performance and build a solid scientific foundation through one-on-one or small class instruction. We  promote students' independence, active learning and motivation, and encourage their growth as lifelong learners.

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